Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The House of Bounce

I did mean to sign in and update you on my last visit with the boys. It was at the end of winter break. My daughter, now 6, and I met the boys (now 10 and 8) and their parents about an hour south of the cities at a place called House of Bounce. This place was great, they had 6-7 bouncy slides, and jumping things it was really fun for the kids. First we had lunch together at the Golden Arches. It always amazes me how easily my daughter and the boys get along, it's like they see each other every day. My daughter and I talk about the boys and hanging out with them pretty often, she just loves to be with them. Not only do they play well together but they wrestle and argue well too. I really had a great time talking to the adoptive mom and dad and learning more about the boys and their family. I feel like we are back at a good place in our relationship now. It's always a huge blessing to my heart to see them all, to know that they are well and just to watch them all interact together. Seeing the love flowing through the family just makes my heart glow with peace and reassurance. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

It's Tax Season

Busy Busy Busy, I was looking at the schedule and we are going to try meeting at the Church Location again in order that we might provide childcare for those that need it, the libraries do not allow for us to provide childcare. The Well will now meet at Cornerstone Church in Crystal in the Coffee Corner on the third Thursday of the odd numbered months from 7-9pm. Please give Joy a call if you will be attending and if you are going to use the childcare. The Well is a great place to meet other birthmothers who have gone through similar feelings, emotions, events of the adoption journey, so please join us and your story may the be one that helps another woman this month. There are women from all walks of life that attend the group. We have women that come just when they need a pick up, or we have a few that come to every meeting, it's for you as you need or want to be here. As far as Tax season goes I work for a non-profit organization called AccountAbility Mn - this is a place where we prepare taxes at no cost for single people earning less than $30,000 and families earning less than $50,000 a year. I enjoy this work very much and if this service could help you please either look up a location online or give me a call and I can help you find one of the sites.
Cornerstone Church
3415 Louisiana Ave N
Crystal, MN 55427